Lladro Figurines Artists Inspecting Porcelain

Every Lladro figurine is the end result of the inspiration and skill of a group of artists who work in the City Of Porcelain under the direction of the Lladro family. This outstanding creative team is considered to be the finest in the entire field of artistic porcelain and their combined skills contribute to Lladro's success throughout the world.

Lladro Statue Being Sculpted

Joining this select group is no small challenge. Becoming a Lladro artist requires talent, time and lots of effort. In order to attract potential maestros - young artists who can enter the ranks of the sculptor team at the City Of Porcelain in the future - the Lladro brothers decided to establish their own scholarship training center some years ago. Here, candidates receive classes in drawing, modeling, sculpting, artistic anatomy, art history, ornamentation and many other subjects given by expert teachers and artists. Throughout the training period, students have the opportunity to increase their artistic skills and immerse themselves in the special creative atmosphere evoked by the Lladro spirit.

Porcelain Lladro Artists

Lladro does not demand any special degrees or diplomas for granting scholarships. But it does require proven aptitudes and full dedication. Young artists who are admitted to the training center have to pass a rigorous selection test in which they must demonstrate outstanding skills in drawing and modeling. Once the training period has been completed, the most outstanding students, having passed the complete battery of tests, have the opportunity to form part of the Lladro Porcelain artist team. Only about a third of all students actually manage this.

Sculpting A Lladro Porcelain Figurine

The Lladro family keeps a close eye on the way these young people are trained. They sometimes attend classes to talk with students and see how they are progressing. Ultimately, the students themselves are the ones who have really achieved the degree of excellence required to become part of the creative team working in the City Of Porcelain. Until that moment arrives, Lladro budding artists work as hard as possible in the hope that one day their creations will travel across the globe as part of the Lladro Porcelain Figurine collection.

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