Daum Crystal Kumara Vase 03196-2

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Daum Crystal Kumara Vase 03196-2

Size: 11.8 Inches Tall x 13.8 Inches Wide x 4.7 Inches Deep

Made By Hand In France

Kiln Fired For 10 Days

Every piece is unique, no two Daum crystals are exactly alike.

Since 1878 Daum Crystal has been the ultimate in luxury.

For Daum, Jean-Marie Massaud has designed the Kumara vase in ink blue, edited in a limited series of 25. Beyond the purity of the lines, the depth of the ink blue crystal invites us to decipher the cabalistic signs inscribed in the material. The Kumara is a powerful piece, a crystal block animated by an intense interior life, with an enigmatic character.