Daum Crystal Leatherback Turtle 05656

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Size: 0.7 x 0.5 x 2 Inches

Daum joins an environmentally-friendly and equitable approach by using bio-ore in the production of the leatherback turtle sculpture. To meet the major challenges of sustainable development, the manufacturer is committed to an ethical approach of metal sourcing, necessary for the coloring of the crystal.

With the ambition to combine know-how and sustainable development, the Daum Manufacturer collaborates with the biotechnology startup Econick from Nancy, in the use of bio-sourced metals, produced from hand-grown plants, without deforestation, without the use of pesticides, equitable for local populations, while enhancing the soil by increasing its fertility.

Daum wishes to highlight the ecological issue by choosing the leatherback turtle, an endangered species. One of the largest species of turtles and present in all oceans of the planet, the survival of the leatherback turtle is seriously threatened by pollution and urbanization.

Made By Hand In France

Kiln Fired For 10 Days

Every piece is unique, no two Daum crystals are exactly alike.

Since 1878 Daum Crystal has been the ultimate in luxury.