Jay Strongwater Beauty Rose Frame SPF5868-258

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SKU: SPF5868-258
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Size:  8 Inches Wide  10 Inches High

Picture Size  5 Inches x 7 Inches

One singular Beauty of a jeweled rose delicately graces this floral engraved frame. A full dimensional carving of the rose has been cast in pewter, finished in 14K Gold, while the frame itself is washed in a thin layer of cream enamel to allow the gold floral pattern to shine through. Our artisans at the Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop paint each rose with layers of translucent white and pale golden enamels and hand-set opal shaded crystals from Swarovski. With our signature, pierced fleur-de-lis metal back plate and kickstand inches €š ¬œ this frame is truly beautiful from any view. Stands vertically or horizontal.

Pewter with a 14K gold finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals from Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop.

Jay Strongwater Item Number:  SPF5868-258