Jay Strongwater Billie Bird Objet Figurine SDH2551-256

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SKU: SDH2551-256
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Size: 3.25 inches Wide x 7.75 inches Deep x 4 inches  Tall

With wings sparkling in hand-set Swarovski crystals, a spangled painted bunting shows off his brightly colored feathers. Crafted with care by our skilled artisans to perfect every detail from his 14k gold accents to the shades of every individual feather, he is as striking in art as he is in nature. Hand-painted with enamels of vivid emerald green, cerulean and sky blues, and brilliant coral this little birdie is a veritable rainbow capable of brightening even the gloomiest winter’s day.

Zinc, 14kt matte gold. Hand painted with enamel and hand-set with Swarovski stones.

Jay Strongwater Item Number:  SDH2551-256