Jay Strongwater Cardinal On Branch Figurine SDH1920-280

$ 3,400.00 USD

SKU: SDH1920-280
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Size: 9.5 inches Wide x 7 inches Deep x 7 inches Tall

The bright red cardinal looks especially stunning against winters snowy white backdrop perched on a evergreen bough. Our Cardinal On Branch figurine is hand-painted with layers of translucent red enamels with hand-set Swarovski light siam and scarlet colored crystals sparkling over his chest, crest, wings and tail. Each figurine in cast in 13 individual pewter sections, soldered together and finished in 14K Gold. Our finest artisans at the Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop bring all the elements together to complete each Cardinal on Branch Figurine.

Multiple pewter components with a 14K gold finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals at the Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop.

Jay Strongwater Item Number:  SDH1920-280