Jay Strongwater Dalton Leaf & Vine Jeweled Large Glass Jar Bouquet SDH2455-289

$ 2,000.00 USD

SKU: SDH2455-289
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Size: 9.75 Inches DIA. x 11.5 Inches High

Make a Dalton Leaf and Vine Jeweled Large Glass Jar part of an opulent cornucopia celebrating the start of a fruitful holiday season. your table will be overflowing when accented with an exuberant mix of Jay's fall decor each piece mouth-blown in amber-shaded glass, dappled in gold, and adorned with jeweled and enameled flora. Fluted and criss-cross-textured glass is individually fitted with 14K-gold-finished metal vines, leaves, and flowers enameled in tones of berry, green, and gold with hand-set crystal details.

Imported glass base; metal embellishment with a 14K matte gold and light brown antique finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals. Handcraftedin New York and Rhode Island.

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SDH2455-289

Finish: Bouquet