Jay Strongwater Flutter of Butterflies Figurine SDH2549-489

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SKU: SDH2549-489
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Size: 11.5 inches Wide x 11.5 inches Deep x 36 inches  Tall

A symbol of spiritual transformation, hope, and the divine circle of life, a kaleidoscope of butterflies swirls skyward on a tower of golden climbing ivy vines. As in nature, each delicate butterfly is its own one-of-a-kind work of art; carefully crafted, hand-painted and adorned with individually set Swarovski crystals. Invite a touch of nature’s whimsy into your home with our extraordinary Lorelei Butterfly Spiral statement piece!

Pewter, 14kt matte gold. Hand painted with enamel and hand-set with Swarovski stones. Handcrafted in our Rhode Island workshop.

Jay Strongwater Item Number:  SDH2549-489