Jay Strongwater Gabrielle Rose Grand Vase SDH2522-258

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SKU: SDH2522-258
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Size: 10 Inches Diameter 18.75 Inches High

Pewter with a 18K gold finish from Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop. Porcelain from Portugal.

Jay's artistry shines with an abundance of lush jeweled roses fully blooming on enameled vines wrapping around the Gabrielle grand glass vase. A profusion of pale pink, peach and golden white roses have been hand-painted in layers of translucent enamel. Sparkling with rose, silk and opal shaded Swarovski crystals hand-set by Jay's finest artisans in Rhode Island. A major statement on its own or equally elegant when filled with flowers.

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SDH2522-258