Jay Strongwater Laetitia Stone Edge 8 X 10 Frame SPF5512-281

$ 1,200.00 USD

SKU: SPF5512-281
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Size: 8.75 Inches Wide x 10.75 Inches Tall

Picture Size: 8 Inches x 10 Inches

Frame your loved ones with a pop of electric pink enamel and jewels ! We created a special edition of Jay's classic Lorraine 4" x 6" frame in a vivid ombre of sunset to pink enamel bordered in a limited edition of Swarovski electric pink crystals. Hand-painted enamels with hand-set crystals on a 14K gold finished metal frame created at the Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop. With Jay's signature, fleur-de-lis metal back plate and kickstand - this frame is truly beautiful from any view. Stands vertically or horizontal.

Pewter frame with a 14K gold finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals at the Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop.

Jay Strongwater Item Number: SPF5512-281