Michael Aram Pomegranate Coffee Pot & Spoon 175214

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Size: Pot 4.5"W x 9.25"L x 7.75"H, 13.5 Oz., Spoon 9"L

Made From: Stainless Steel, Oxidized, Gold Plate 24K

Michael Aram Item Number: 175214

The Kitchen is generally where we spend our most memorable time with our family. It is a place where we cook and share meals. Cooking itself is not only about nourishment, but also about giving of oneself. It is not surprising, then, that kitchens are becoming more and more the epicenter of family life, and that 'open kitchens' and 'great rooms' are now the focus of many homes. Michael felt that pieces which are generally left out on kitchen table and counter tops should be as decorative as they are highly functional. The Pomegranate Kitchen Collection is based on one of Michael's most beloved themes.

Part Of Michael Aram's Pomegranate Collection