Michael Aram White Orchid Glass Snack Dish 111806

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SKU: 111806
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Size: 1.75 Inches Tall x 7.25 Inches Wide x 7.25 Inches Long

Made From: Nickelplate, Silvertone Glass

Michael Aram Item Number: 111806

The Michael Aram White Orchid Collection illuminates the ethereal spirit of the orchid flower. Evocative of purity, delicacy, femininity and grace, the white metal version offers a strikingly different appeal than its black counterpart. While the sculpture is just as exuberant and detailed, in white, these flowers take on a simplicity that is completely unique. There is a sense of lightness, freshness and even innocence - each petal seemingly untouched and pure.

Part Of Michael Aram's White Orchid Collection