Starlite Originals On Wings of Eagles 3419

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Starlite Originals On Wings of Eagles 3419 by David Lemon

Size: 20.5" Long 11.5" Wide 29" Tall

Limited To 250 pieces

This sculpture depicts a Sioux warrior as he gazes off in the distance; a landscape that was once covered with a dark ocean of buffalo.

Watching a golden eagle floating lazily over the prairie, he silently wishes his eyes were able to see as the eagle does.

Artist David Lemon's mesmerizing "On Wings of Eagles" Native American Sculpture from Starlite Studio is a heartfelt homage to the beauty and nobility of ancient Native American culture.

A mighty Sioux warrior is captured in full regalia atop his loyal mount in fine bronze and mixed media cast using the traditional "lost-wax" method, and finished with painstaking acid etching to produce incredible color and detail that reveals new textures and layers with each inspection.

Proudly made in the USA.