TWS The Peacock of Windsor Palace I

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The Peacock Of Windsor Palace I

TWS Venice represents the art of Italian artist Vitorio Splendore who has done a tremendous amount of work for the Vatican as well as restoration on great works of art for many museums. Each one is hand painted by him and they are not reproductions but rather fine works of art by a very respected artist who is trusted to do restoration on the art of the old world artists. 

Hand painted by famed Italian artist, Vitorio Splendore. In his early career, he assisted the masters in restorations of Palazzos and murals including the Pietro Casi and the Augusto Mazzini. With his original hand-signed paintings, Splendore has continued the pursuit of the fine, pristine artistic tradition of the old world masters.

Hand Painted by Vitorio Splendore, 5 feet x 3 feet

NOTE : The last picture shows the companion painting of the white Peacock of Windsor II (purchased separately)