How To UnBox A Lladro

Figurine packaging is the final step in a process initiated by Lladro sculptors. Making a cardboard box may look like a simple operation, but fitting each individual piece into its own specially-designed box involves a complex packaging system whose main aim is to ensure that all figurines are suitably protected for transport and, in addition, are also appropriately identified.

Lladro Statue Box

After a long and careful study by specialists at the company, Lladro now boasts a diverse, environmentally friendly system unique in the field of porcelain figurines. The newest and most popular at the present time is a cardboard tray and two mattresses of a special biodegradable foam, which is placed over the top and base of the Lladro figurine. This simple system, which also helps highlight piece presentation, is used to protect the majority of Lladro creations except for those which are simply too big or too complicated, in which case other systems are used.

How To Box A Lladro Figurine

These include boxes with cutouts or compartments, or a completely personalized method used for truly large scale pieces and figurines with large bases, such as Cinderella's Arrival. Here, a series of components are used in addition to neopolen and cardboard, such as wooden slats, handles and frames, leaf springs and even screws. When none of these systems can be used, cushions filled with hot foam are molded around the figurine, expanding when cool and adapting to the exact shape of the figurine they are intended to protect.

Lladro Packing Instructions

A special package is devised for each Lladro figurine, depending on its characteristics. Thanks to their experience, Porcelain City professionals know at a glance what kind of box will be suitable for any given piece. When a new figurine fresh from the sculptors studio comes in, they identify the figurine's support points and those parts in need of more protection. They select the right box out of more than a hundred different sizes and decide on the right position of the figurine in the box. At this point they make a prototype of the packaging to be used. This is a delicate individualized process much like the work of a tailor making the pattern for a custom suit.

Packing A Lladro Figurine

Next the piece is weighed and fitted into the prototype packaging in preparation for one of the most crucial stages in the entire process: the dropping test. Well-packed in their boxes, figurines up to 11 lbs. are dropped from a height of 37 inches, 11-55 lbs. pieces fall from 26 inches, whereas pieces weighing from 55 to 132 lbs. crash to the floor from 14 inches. This operation is repeated ten times, as the boxes are dropped on each of their six sides, and then on two edges and corners. Only when the prototype packaging successfully protects the figurine inside after its nerve shattering trial will the box and infill actually be put into production.

How To Pack A Lladro

Many of the larger Lladro figurines come with an explanatory diagram on how they should be unpacked. In some cases there are instructions for the placement of complimentary items like parasols, metal rods, and so on. In addition to identifying the boxes with a picture of the piece it is intended for, the individual packing components have been stamped with the reference number of the piece, and there is a diagram showing how to re-assemble the box. A protective plastic film is placed over the surface of display pedestals to prevent possible scratching during transport or unpacking.

In light of all these little-known details, you can see that the jobs of Lladro packaging experts are extremely important, because they are the ones who ensure that porcelain lovers like you will always receive your figurines in perfect condition. One word of warning though: even if Lladro boxes do pass our dramatic dropping test, they should be treated as a delicate item during transportation like all fragile goods. Please always handle them with care. And always save your boxes, just in case. You can disassemble and store the boxes flat to save space if needed.

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