A chandelier is considered by many to be the pinnacle of a well appointed home. From it's very inception chandeliers were functional status symbols that the average person could not afford. Over time the materials used to create them has changed dramatically.

The first chandeliers were created during the medieval ages and were simply two pieces of flat wood bound together in the middle with candles placed at the four corners. While this design was not costly to create, the candles themselves were quite expensive. Anyone who could burn four at a time simply to illuminate one area of a room must have been quite well off.

As time passed artists began to improve on this design and incorporated new materials into chandeliers construction. Ornate metal arms were added so that dozens of candles could be burned and even more light could be generated. In 1676 a British man using lead oxide created a new type of glass that was much easier to cut and was able to be produced in different colors. This was a major step forward and the wealthy flocked to acquire these new masterpieces of home decor. Over the next hundred years designers began to make their designs increasingly intricate adding more and more glass elements. This is when the traditional chandelier shape and look that we know today was solidified.

An interesting side note: During this time much of the lead glass was produced in England and eventually a tax was levied on it. So a company decided to move to Ireland in order to avoid paying the tax and stated a company. The name of that company....Waterford!

The next major change was started by Daniel Swarovski who patented a technique that allowed true lead crystal to be easily cut into various shapes. The glass of yesterday suddenly looked cloudy and dark next to the shiny faceted crystals that were being produced in new shapes and sizes.  The very wealthy had yet another way to separate themselves and show the world how successful they were.

Today Lladro has decided to elevate chandlers to the next level by taking traditional designs and replacing the crystals with fine Spanish hand crafted porcelain. This game changing idea creates chandlers that are unlike anything you have ever seen. Using varied colors and patterns Lladro Chandeliers are now the pinnacle of the well appointed home.

View The Lladro Chandeliers Collection

View The Lladro Belle De Nuit Chandeliers Collection

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Lladro New Releases Are Shipping!

Lladro New Releases Are Shipping!

t's that time of year again when temperatures rise, flowers start to bloom and new Lladro figurines begin to appear. Take a look at all the 2017 Spring Lladro Releases!

Lladro Allegory Of Liberty Re Deco Figurine 01009300
Lladro Belle De Nuit Chandelier 56 Light Absolute Black 01023790
Lladro Belle De Nuit Chandelier 56 Light White 01023769
Lladro Cactus Firefly Lamp Golden Fall 01023794
Lladro Cat With Mask Pendant Golden Figurine 01010151
Lladro Corsair Bulldog Pendant Golden Figurine 01010153
Lladro Corsair Chihuahua Pendant Golden Figurine 01010152
Lladro Daisy With Flowers Figurine 01009252
Lladro Fawn With Mask Pendant Golden Figurine 01010150
Lladro Hitoiki bowls 01009623
Lladro Holiday Joy Tree Topper Golden Re Deco 01018433
Lladro Kokeshi I Re Deco Figurine 01009094
Lladro Kokeshi III Re Deco Figurine 01009095
Lladro Lily With Flowers Figurine 01009253
Lladro Lotus Firefly Lamp Golden Fall 01023792
Lladro Merry Christmas Santa Figurine 01009254
Lladro Naturofantastic Organic Nature Table Lamp Gold 01023728
Lladro Naturofantastic Table Lamp Multicolor 01023757
Lladro Lotus Firefly Golden Fall Table Lamp Green and Blue 01023793
Lladro Paper Boats Figurine 01009258
Lladro Running Figurine 01009257
Lladro Sake bottle 01009619
Lladro Sake cups 01009620
Lladro Shochu Rock Tumblers 01009622
Lladro Tea cups 01009621
Lladro The Silver Guest Little Figurine 01007740
Lladro This Bouquet Is For You Figurine 01009256
Lladro Tiger Black Silver Figurine 01009261
Lladro Wedding Day Figurine 01009262
Lladro White Quarter Horse Figurine 01009273
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Announcing the LLADRO SARASWATI 01001978, The Newest Hindu Masterwork

Announcing the LLADRO SARASWATI 01001978, The Newest Hindu Masterwork

Lladro Saraswati Figurine 01001978

We have just got word that Lladro's newest Hindu Masterpiece Saraswati 01001978 has been completed and should begin shipping out to authorized Lladro dealers in September. This highly detailed limited edition has been in development for over three years and is sure to sell out extremely fast. With only 720 pieces made worldwide, only a small number will ever reach the United States. This is the third High Porcelain Hindu Deity release along with Ganesha and Lakshmi. Both sold out very quickly and have increased in price dramatically on the secondary market. If you are interested in the Lladro Saraswati 01001978 don't delay, because it is sure to be very sought after!

To view more information about the Lladro Saraswati 01001978 Click Here

Lladro Hindu Figurines Lladro's First Two High Porcelain Releases. Ganesha and Lakshmi
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Lladro's New Spring Releases Are Now Shipping!

Lladro's New Spring Releases Are Now Shipping!

With Spring now but a memory we have been informed that Lladro's 2015 new releases are shipping out to dealers in the United States. We get so excited hearing this as we love opening all the new pieces and getting to see them in person for

the first time! Nothing is like that feeling of gazing upon a new Lladro porcelain creation as it comes out of the box. Each year we are impressed yet again by their

Here Are The Lladro 2015 Spring New Releases

Lladro Moon Mother Figurine 01018067
Lladro Salsa Figurine 01009146
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 30 Lights White 01023507
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 30 Lights Gold 01023522
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 6 Lights Gold 01023486
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 6 Lights White 01023471
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 12 Lights Gold 01023504
Lladro Chandelier Winter Palace 12 Lights White 01023489
Lladro Assyrian Archer Figurine 01009169
Lladro Xian Warrior Figurine 01008795
Lladro Lion Dance Figurine 01009145
Lladro Horses Group Figurine 01008619
Lladro Romanesque Angel Figurine 01008791
Lladro My Loving Angel Figurine 01009151
Lladro Parrot Parade Coral Figurine 01007846
Lladro Swinging Figurine 01009163
Lladro Bathing Nymph Figurine 01009148
Lladro Elvis Presley Figurine 01008469
Lladro Young Shepherdess Figurine 01009158
Lladro African Bond Figurine 01009159
Lladro Batsman Forever Figurine 01009137
Lladro Girl With Pony Figurine 01009139
Lladro Finesse Figurine 01009170
Lladro Giggles With Mom Figurine 01009152
Lladro Soul Surfer Figurine 01009173
Lladro Sitting Bather Figurine 01009157
Lladro Beautiful Blossom Figurine 01009138
Lladro Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha Plates Set 01009155
Lladro Ganesha Figurine 01009150
Lladro Lord Ganesha Plate 01009153
Lladro Goddess Lakshmi Plate 01009154
Lladro Sweet Shyness Figurine 01009171
Lladro Look At My Dress Figurine 01009172
Lladro Pond Dreamer Blue Figurine 01009141
Lladro Underwater Calm Orange Figurine 01009142
Lladro Playing At Sea Silver Re-Deco Figurine 01008545
Lladro Waking Up At Sea Silver Re-Deco Figurine 01008547
Lladro Day Dreaming At Sea Silver Re-Deco Figurine 01008546
Lladro Afghan Hound Figurine 01009143
Lladro Duck Plate 01007841
Lladro Doves Plate 01007842
Lladro St. Francis Of Assisi Figurine 01008780
Lladro Our Lady Of Guadalupe Lithophane Votive 01017367
Lladro Sai Baba Lithophane Votive 01017365
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Lladro And Marilyn Monroe

Lladro And Marilyn Monroe

ipstick to the widely known hair, Lladro have outdone themselves.

Marilyn Monroe is timeless. No one will ever forget her name, her hair, or her dress being blown upwards. She is known for her beauty, her intelligence, and her acting. Of course Lladro would design a piece based solely on her. After a couple of "Marilyn" pieces consisting of girls with their dresses blown upwards, they dedicated the perfect sculpture just for Marilyn. Her timeless beauty is now captured in the timeless style of Lladro Porcelain. The subtle glow porcelain gives translates beautifully to Marilyn's likeness. She's young, vivacious, and exciting once more.

Marilyn Monroe is internationally known, to the point where any one could identify her. But to anyone who doesn't know who Marilyn is, here is a short biography:

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marilyn was a model, singer, American actress, and a major sex symbol. She starred in multiple successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s including Some Like It Hot (1959), The Seven Year Itch (1955), and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).

Lladro Marilyn Monroe Figurine

The majority of her childhood was spent in foster homes, but Monroe started her career as a model. The modelling led to a film contract in 1946 with Twentieth Century-Fox. From there, she became an icon and a world wide sensation. Her last film was The Misfits (1961).

Her last years of life were spent ill with a plethora of personal problems and a reputation for being difficult to work with and for unreliability. She was ranked as the sixth-greated female star of all time by the American Film Institute and named No. 1 in FIlm's Sexiest Women of All Time by TV Guide Network.

Click Here To View The Lladro Marilyn Monroe Figurine 01009131

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The Lladro Kintaro And The Bear, 11th In The Classic Children's Tales Collection

The Lladro Kintaro And The Bear, 11th In The Classic Children's Tales Collection

We are very excited for the newest addition to the Lladro Classic Children's Tales! This sculpture is of Kintaro And The Bear 01008687, a folk hero from Japanese folklore.He is a child of superhuman strength and was raised by a hag on Mount Ashigara. He made friends with the animals on the mountain and became a loyal follower of Minamoto no Yorimitsu under a new name: Sakata no Kintoki. Kintaro is popularly known for capturing Shutendouji, a demonic terror of the region of Mount Ooe. Today, Kintaro is celebrated on Children's Day (May 5th), where Japanese parents decorate the room of their newborn son with Kintaro dolls in hopes it will help the child grow to be strong.

Kintaro's clothing consists of the classic red bib with a Chinese symbol for "gold" written on it and his battle axe, which is his only possession and a symbol for thunder. Lladro also included, however, a decorated vest, to imitate traditional Japanese embroidery.

Click here to view the Lladro Kintaro And The Bear 01008687

Kintaro in Japanese translates to "Golden Boy." In order to follow the interpretation to porcelain, Lladro had to depict Kintaro's most recognizable symbols and distinctive features. The sculpture features the hero riding on a bear, who we believe is his friend. Animals were friends to Kintaro, but also messengers and mounts to ride upon. Some stories include him sumo wrestling with bears.

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Do You Have A Lladro Story Or Anecdote ? We want to hear it!

Do You Have A Lladro Story Or Anecdote ? We want to hear it!

We love Lladro. We can't seem to get enough of it. The style, creativity and craftsmanship speak to us in a way that nothing else can. Collectors have embraced these wonderful creations and brought them into their lives, homes, holidays, celebrations and even their vacations. Parents celebrate their children's milestones, couples place a beautiful piece atop their wedding cake and husbands capture their adoration for their spouse with an elegant Lladro figurine. Each of these moments have a unique story attached. One that we relieve each time we gaze upon these timeless mementos.

Share your loving memories of a special Lladro moment with us. Let the world know how Lladro has shaped your life and brought your family and friends together. Over the next few months we will post a few of these heart warming stories for the world to share. So take a few minutes and let us know an experience that Lladro has helped shape.

Email us at info@biggsltd.com or comment in the section below.

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Lladro Figurines Announce The 2014 New Spring Releases

Lladro Figurines Announce The 2014 New Spring Releases

With Spring right around the corner it's that time of year when Lladro Figurines announce their 2014 Spring New Releases. This year we have some truly exceptional new sculptures to enjoy. Take a few minutes and give them a look.

The 2014 Lladro Porcelain Spring new releases are:

Lladro Rise Of The Phoenix Figurine 01008565

Lladro Lavatera Blossoms Figurine 01008651

Lladro Wild Orchids Centerpiece 01008654

Lladro Kintaro And The Bear Figurine 01008687

Lladro Matador Red Figurine 01008729

Lladro Romanesque Cross 01008748

Lladro Let's Swing Figurine 01008752

Lladro A New Life Figurine 01008753

Lladro Venus Figurine 01008754

Lladro Discovering The World Figurine 01008755

Lladro Maiko Figurine 01008757

Lladro Leticia Figurine 01008758

Lladro Gabriela Figurine 01008759

Lladro Desiree Figurine 01008760

Lladro Alida Figurine 01008761

Lladro Unbreakable Spirit Figurine 01008762

Lladro Meditation Figurine 01008772

Lladro Celebration Of Spring Figurine 01008773

Lladro Fu Lu Shou 01008776

Lladro Peacock Figurine 01008777

Lladro Sweet Menina Figurine 01008779

Lladro Soothing Lullaby Figurine 01008781

Lladro Blossoming Of Life Figurine 01008782

Lladro Sweet Adolescence Figurine 01008785

Lladro Galloping Herd Figurine 01009086

Lladro Great Dragon Golden Figurine 01001973

Lladro Naturofantastic Single Candleholder Black 01007956

Lladro Naturofantastic Single Candleholder White  01007957

Lladro Naturofantastic  Single Candleholder Multicolor 01007958

Lladro My Little Family Figurine 01008689

Lladro Pretty Pickings Carnations Figurine 01008705

Lladro Flamenco Flair Red Figurine 01008765

Lladro Thinking Of My Debut Figurine 01008770

Lladro My Debut Dress Figurine 01008771

Lladro Tables For Sweets And Peach Flowers 01008774

Lladro Happy Boy's Day Figurine 01008775

Lladro Her Special Day Figurine 01008784

Lladro Arabian Pure Breed Black Figurine 01001919

Lladro Naturofantastic Single Candleholder White & Gold 01007959

Lladro Flamenco Flair Green & Purple Figurine 01008766

Lladro Fly Me To The Moon Golden Anniversary Figurine 01008788

Lladro  Fly Me To The Moon Silver Anniversary Figurine 01008789

Lladro Taj Mahal Lithophane Votive Light 01017360

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The Guest by Lladro, A Collection Of Unusual Characters

The Guest by Lladro, A Collection Of Unusual Characters

Lladro The Guest
When you think of Lladro you probably picture children playing, a mother holding an infant or even a graceful angel with delicate wings of beauty. Each of these are themes that Lladro has become known for over the last 60 years. But these are times of change and nothing shows this more than The Guest by Atelier Lladro. This new collection is redrawing the boundaries for a company that has never attempted something of this nature before.

Lladro The Guest Statue

By taking a basic form and daring cutting edge artists like Jamie Haydon, Tim Biksup and DevilRobots to create a distinctive personality for an original porcelain character, Lladro has embarked in a unique and often startling new direction. To say that theses pieces are not traditional Lladro is quite an understatement. But by embracing a modern and graphic concept, Lladro is blazing a new path into uncharted territory and garnering attention from a new breed of edgy collectors.

Lldro The Guest Figurines

View The Guest by Lladro Atelier Collection Here

July 24, 2020 by Biggs Ltd
Mrror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Fairest Mirror Of Them All?

Mrror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Fairest Mirror Of Them All?

Lladro Porcelain Mirrors

Well Lladro mirrors of course! Over the last few years Lladro has expanded into the home décor market and their new line of mirrors is breath taking. By taking their unique style and applying it to mirrors, Lladro has created something that is both functional and artistic. With over 45 ornamental and geometrical styles available there is a wall art mirror for every decorative atmosphere.

Lladro Porcelain Mirrors

The Lladro Rococo Mirrors are a perfect accessory for your dressing table or vanity. These oval mirrors are accented with just a splash of Lladro Porcelain at the base and offer an elegant way to decorate your most personal space. Each mirror comes in a variety of colors and has the same quality that we have all come to expect from such a great company.

Lladro Porcelain Mirror


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