Lladro Gita Saar Figurine 01002017

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Brand Lladro
SKU: 01002017
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Size: 25 Inches Tall x 33.75 Inches Wide x 16.5 Inches Deep

Wood Base Is Included

Limited To 299 Pieces.

Handcrafted in Valencia Spain.

Lladro Assurance Program Registration Forms Included

Lladro Figurines Item Number: 01002017The Lladro Gita Saar is a spectacular High Porcelain piece inspired by an episode from the Mahabharata, one of the great epic poems from ancient India. Lord Krishna and the mythical archer Arjuna fight in the legendary battle of Kurukshetra.

According to the epic, Arjuna was a master archer who played a pivotal role in the conflict between the Pandavas and their adversaries, the Kauravas. At the beginning of the battle, Arjuna was faced with moral dilemmas and filled with despair because of the violence and death that the war was going to cause and he sought advice from his charioteer Lord Krishna. Krishna told Arjuna that he had to fulfill his duty as a warrior to maintain his Dharma,the order that makes life and the universe possible, through disinterested action, because the physical body is transitory and dies but the soul is immortal and is reborn for those who have understood the spiritual path.

A combination of glazed and matte finishes with golden luster in a large part of the Lladro Gita Saar Figurine. Metallic treatments in different colors in the character's costumes, in the chariot and the horses. The characters are decorated in colors that pay homage to Hindu iconography. The wealth of color and ornamentation in some elements of the piece is particularly noteworthy, such as the bright luminous and celestial tones of the chariot. As could not be otherwise, this piece also contains floral decoration, including Krishna's garland which is made up of 172 flowers decorated in various colors and 13 flowers scattered around the base.

The bow of Arjuna and the flagpole are made with golden plated brass, the reins are natural leather with golden plated brass rings. The base is an inseparable part of the piece and contains a plaque etched with the inscription, a passage from the epic poem represented in the piece.

159 fragments and 124 molds were required to produce the Lladro Gita Saar 01002017 sculpture. It took seven years to develop. 14 artists and more than 10,000 hours were required to create the original model and its porcelain prototype.


Handmade At The Lladro City Of Porcelain In Valencia, Spain

Formed With The Lladro Porcelain Highly Technical Creation Process

Every Figurine Must Pass The Lladro Trial By Fire

Painted By Hand With Lladro's Subtle Chromatic Palette

Produced Through Lladro Porcelain's Inspiration For Creation

Designed By Lladro Figurines Classically Educated Artisans

Arrives In Lladro's Complex Packaging System, Guaranteeing Every Statue Is Protected

All Current Sculptures Are Covered By The Lladro Assurance Program

Every Figurine Is Stamped With The Full Tulip And Lladro Backstamp Ensuring First Quality