Lladro Hina Dolls Empress Figurine 01001939

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Brand Lladro
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Size: 9.5 Inches Tall x 12.25 Inches Wide x 10.6 Inches Deep

Genuine Lladro Fine Porcelain

Handmade in Valencia Spain

Lladro Assurance Program Registration Forms Included

Lladro Figurines Item Number: 01001939

Every year on March 3rd, Japan celebrates Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival. Girls receive Hina Dolls as presents, which are then used to form a Hina ningyo, a composition to be arranged on a kind of altar or against a backdrop to ensure a happy life for girls.

Lladro has created the main characters of this composition in High Porcelain, namely the Emperor and the Empress. All the details of these illustrious persons have been faithfully reproduced. The costumes are inspired by those worn by the Japanese imperial court during the Heian period (794-1185) and are outstanding for the many layers. In fact, on the Empress' costume we can count up to seven layers. Besides, both of them have the attributes (sword, scepter, crown) associated with emperors as well as a spot on their foreheads, symbolizing their nobility.

The impressive decorative skills of the High Porcelain workshop are given their utmost expression in these pieces. Breaking away from the classic Lladro palette, the intense tonalities have been applied with great meticulousness. Worth noticing in the Emperor are the dark tones of his costume and the details in three colors applied against a dark background. Also worth mentioning is the hilt of his sword decorated with gold luster, a highly complex and painstaking technique that adds a wealth of detail to the piece and requires a further firing in the kiln.

Meanwhile, the Lladro Hina Dolls Empress Figurine 01001939 boasts arange of color in the layers of her costume. According to tradition, these layers are all silk and each in a different color, which is why Lladro artists have recreated the coloring of the fabric with such detail. One of these layers has also been decorated with gold luster, applied by hand in a lengthy and complex process.

These sculptures are so rich in detail that they are a true spectacle for the sight, both when seen from in front as well as from behind. The costumes are an excellent demonstration of the profusion of details Lladro High Porcelain creations can achieve while the braiding of the hair is another display of minute detail. The costumes of the two characters have very rich fabrics with highly worked embroidery, mirroring the thick Japanese fabrics, and a texture imitating damask silk.

The bases also have an oriental appearance and, for the very first time in Lladro , the figurines rest on an elegant silk-lined cushion created specifically for these pieces.


Handmade At The Lladro City Of Porcelain In Valencia, Spain

Formed With The Lladro Porcelain Highly Technical Creation Process

Every Figurine Must Pass The Lladro Trial By Fire

Painted By Hand With Lladro's Subtle Chromatic Palette

Produced Through Lladro Porcelain's Inspiration For Creation

Designed By Lladro Figurines Classically Educated Artisans

Arrives In Lladro's Complex Packaging System, Guaranteeing Every Statue Is Protected

All Current Sculptures Are Covered By The Lladro Assurance Program

Every Figurine Is Stamped With The Full Tulip And Lladro Backstamp Ensuring First Quality