Lladro Lamassu Figurine 01001946

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Brand Lladro
SKU: 01001946
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20 Inches Tall x 21 Inches Wide

Genuine Lladro Fine Porcelain

Handmade in Valencia Spain

Lladro Assurance Program Registration Forms Included

Lladro Figurines Item Number: 01001946

During the time of the neo-Assyrian Empire (883- 612 BC) sculptures of monumental bulls, often winged and with a human head, were placed at the gates of royal palaces in order to guard the entrance. Located on either side of the gate, the so-called Lamassu symbolized the supernatural powers of the kings and the widespread belief that it warded off evil spirits and attracted good fortune.

The Lladro Lamassu Sculpture has drawn inspiration from ancient Mesopotamian depictions to create this series of 750 units made in High Porcelain, the brand's maximum artistic category. This specific Lamassu, capturing all the strength and power of these creatures, reminds us of the ones flanking the Ishtar Gate, one of the eight entrances in the Walls of Babylon.

The decoration of the Lladro Lamassu Figurine 01001946 deserves a special mention. The artists from the High Porcelain Workshop have enriched this mythological creature, usually depicted in monochrome, with the colors of ancient Mesopotamia. Particularly striking are the blue tones, the turquoises reminiscent of lapis lazuli and the golden hues symbolizing wealth, all meticulously applied by the steady hand of Lladro artists. New lusters in cobalt-blue and brown are then added, as well as a combination of matte, gloss and satin finishes. Only the most expert artisans are capable of achieving this wealth of colors and textures.

Each one of the elements of this mythological creature has been masterly reproduced: the wild bull of Mesopotamia, a symbol of strength, was a huge animal standing almost two meters high that used to be hunted by the kings in the times of the Assyrians; the eagle representing the monarch as he looks down on his subjects; and the crowned human head alluding to his intelligence, with the Lamassu's face sculpted to represent the reigning monarch of the time when the sculpture was made. Above the head is a crown, with the horns as a sign of divinity. The architectural shape of the base enhances the sculptural nature of the Lladro Lamassu Figurine 01001946.

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Handmade At The Lladro City Of Porcelain In Valencia, Spain

Formed With The Lladro Porcelain Highly Technical Creation Process

Every Figurine Must Pass The Lladro Trial By Fire

Painted By Hand With Lladro's Subtle Chromatic Palette

Produced Through Lladro Porcelain's Inspiration For Creation

Designed By Lladro Figurines Classically Educated Artisans

Arrives In Lladro's Complex Packaging System, Guaranteeing Every Statue Is Protected

All Current Sculptures Are Covered By The Lladro Assurance Program

Every Figurine Is Stamped With The Full Tulip And Lladro Backstamp Ensuring First Quality