Lladro Quarter Horse Figurine 01001980

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Brand Lladro
SKU: 01001980
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16.5 Inches Tall x 20 Inches Wide

Limited To 300 Pieces Worldwide

Genuine Lladro Fine Porcelain

Handmade in Valencia Spain

Lladro Assurance Program Registration Forms Included

Lladro Figurines Item Number: 01001980

Released In 2016

Quarter horses are said to be able to stop on a dime' from a full gallop. Lladro has instilled life into a beautiful specimen of this strong, powerful animal. One of the oldest American breeds and a good representation of the horses that accompanied the settlers in Virginia and the pioneers moving westwards, it would later became the fastest in quarter mile races.

The Lladro Quarter Horse Figurine 01001980, a limited series of 300 pieces, is a creation of the sculptor Ernest Massuet, a horse lover and a connoisseur of the equestrian world. Thanks to the brand's mastery and its long-standing tradition in the art of depicting horses key element in Lladro's workll the features of the quarter horse are captured to perfection: its well-proportioned head and neck, and its broad strong body. The horse's powerful muscles are enhanced by the glazed finish, decorated in a reddish color that reproduces the chestnut tone common to this bred.

Technically speaking, like in all the brand's creations featuring horses, one of the biggest challenges is to maintain the correct balance of the piece, supported on four legs, when passing through the kiln. In the firing process all Lladro pieces undergo a reduction in size of around 15%, due to water loss. Therefore, succeeding in keeping the right proportions of a piece of this kind is a great achievement.

Worth underscoring from an artistic viewpoint is the saddle, decorated in silver and gold tones using the complex luster technique that requires the mastery of Lladro's best artists. The saddle, the headstall and the bridle are inspired by models from the 19th century, the time of maximum splendor for saddlemaking. A piece worthy of the admiration of horse lovers and collectors, very particularly of quarter horses, the breed with the highest number of followers in the world

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Handmade At The Lladro City Of Porcelain In Valencia, Spain

Formed With The Lladro Porcelain Highly Technical Creation Process

Every Figurine Must Pass The Lladro Trial By Fire

Painted By Hand With Lladro's Subtle Chromatic Palette

Produced Through Lladro Porcelain's Inspiration For Creation

Designed By Lladro Figurines Classically Educated Artisans

Arrives In Lladro's Complex Packaging System, Guaranteeing Every Statue Is Protected

All Current Sculptures Are Covered By The Lladro Assurance Program

Every Figurine Is Stamped With The Full Tulip And Lladro Backstamp Ensuring First Quality