Lladro Winged Beauty 01001956

$ 18,000.00 USD

Brand Lladro
SKU: 01001956
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17.25 inches tall x 32 inches wide

Limited edition of 750 units

Genuine Lladro Fine Porcelain

Lladro Assurance Program Registration Forms Included

Handmade in Valencia Spain

Wood Base Included

Released In 2012

Halfway between a goddess and a mythological being, this creation borrows its inspiration from classical culture to present us with a depiction of woman which is as beautiful as it is powerful. With a combination of sensuality and mysticism, this Winged Beauty speaks to the special place in Antiquity set aside for magic and freedom, the feminine principles of exaltation of life that served as a source of inspiration for art.

Lladro Winged Beauty 01001956 is the fruit of the imagination of Lladro artists, especially worth underscoring is the decorative work on the wings. The sensuality of the gestures and the semi-nude body of the woman, the smooth milky white skin, contrast with the profuse ornamentation of the wings and the wealth of the jewelry. A winning combination of the purity of the nude and the decorative abundance proper to the best pieces in Lladro High Porcelain.

A variety of different techniques were used on the Lladro Winged Beauty 01001956, ranging from the application of enamels in differing tones of green, blue and ocher, to the use of colored varnishes and metal luster. To round off this whole play of tones and ranges of color, gilded effects were also added by means of aged golden luster on the convoluted elements coming out of the wings, further enhancing the sense of nobility and solemnity the figurine inspires.

As far as the actual colors used, the artists at the High Porcelain Workshop developed and created a luster with a mother-of-pearl effect. A new tone in the Lladro palette, it was used for the first time in this piece. Applied on the crown and the earrings, it adds to the overall wealth of this sculpture.

Similarly to the ornamentation, the spectrum of color of the wings is inspired by the majestic opulence of a peacock's feathering, a creature attributed with many meanings throughout the centuries, and it was thought to be an embodiment of good luck, harmony, serenity and inner peace.

Finally, also worth underscoring is the symmetry of the Lladro High Porcelain Winged Beauty 01001956, enabling the decorative work to be equally appreciated from either of its two faces. Furthermore, the base, made specifically for this piece, helps to enhance the presence of the figurine which, when displayed as a pair, is ideal for standing guard at the entrance to a room.

Extra Info


Handmade At The Lladro City Of Porcelain In Valencia, Spain

Formed With The Lladro Porcelain Highly Technical Creation Process

Every Figurine Must Pass The Lladro Trial By Fire

Painted By Hand With Lladro's Subtle Chromatic Palette

Produced Through Lladro Porcelain's Inspiration For Creation

Designed By Lladro Figurines Classically Educated Artisans

Arrives In Lladro's Complex Packaging System, Guaranteeing Every Statue Is Protected

All Current Sculptures Are Covered By The Lladro Assurance Program

Every Figurine Is Stamped With The Full Tulip And Lladro Backstamp Ensuring First Quality